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Martin's Specialties

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Coconut Balls:  After "freshening" unsweetened coconut, we make a light coconut cream.  The creams are stiffened by adding more coconut.  Each piece is hand rolled, dipped in Milk or Dark Chocolate and rolled in more coconut. Nice, simple, and mighty tasty.

Raspberry Jelly: When you are a 5th generation family business, many of our items will have an important story. The story about our raspberry jelly story is one of our favorites. Like so many things, the elders help the newcomers and a tradition is begun-but sometimes it is not so easy. Raspberry Jelly was Michael's grandfathers signature item. Martin (Michael's dad) always helped his dad make jelly. Michael's grandfather would cook, and Martin would add the ingredients that had been prepared for him. Sometimes Martin would do the cooking, but the preparation and timing was all Michael's grandfather. The jelly was excellent.

Michael's grandfather died in 1981. Several weeks later Martin realized he had never cooked and prepared the jelly himself. He was obviously nervous. Michael and Martin found my grandfather's crayon written recipe. Instead of pounds and ounces there were measures using scoops, pots and dippers. It took a while to decipher but eventually Martin got himself focused and prepared everything as best he could.  

Cooking jelly is straighforward until you come to "The Test". To test the syrup's consistency you have to dip the stirring paddle into the hot (+245º) syrup and rub your finger into the syrup. You then (very) quickly tap thumb and forefinger together to determine the consistency - while ignoring the pain. Once all the finishing work is done, you have to wait until the following day to see if the jelly has set. 

The next morning when Martin came to the factory at dawn - he was a bit nervous - but everything was perfect.

To this day, the morning after Michael makes jelly, the first thing I do is hurry in to check the jelly.

Our jelly on the tart side, we think it compliments our milk and dark chocolate perfectly.


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