Graduate Bonbon Gift Box

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The perfect gift for your Class of 2021 graduate! Gift box includes a solid milk or dark chocolate bar with 3 non-alcoholic bonbons.

Available in Milk, Dark or Milk and Dark Chocolate


Current varieties include:


Non Boozy options:


Vanilla Marshmallow (available in milk or dark chocolate, painted with multi colored cocoa butter)


Raspberry Jelly Ganache (available in milk or dark chocolate, painted with red and white cocoa butter)


Caramel (available in milk or dark, painted with orange (dark) or yellow (milk) cocoa butter)


Almond Butter Crunch (available in milk or dark, painted with light blue with a yellow accent (milk) or dark blue with white cocoa butter)


Cherry Pistachio (our only vegan friendly bonbon, available in dark chocolate only with our homemade pistachio butter and a sour cherry, painted with green cocoa butter) 



Colors and designs may vary in orders of Bonbons. Each batch is made and decorated by hand and is subject to creative bursts of energy. The painting and decorations do not change the taste or flavors.  


Milk and White Chocolate contain soy and dairy.

Dark Chocolate contains soy

Marshmallow contains kosher gelatin

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