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Liddabit Sweets

Liddabit Sweets is now part of JoMart Chocolates. We are still small batch candymakers and are thrilled to share our candies and chocolates with you. Jen King, co-founder of Liddabit Sweets has joined JoMart as a full-time chef. 

Jen and Michael will continue to share their culinary confectionery loves with all of you. You will see our products under both the JoMart and Liddabit names. All of our products are passionately being created at JoMart.

We will always make our confections by hand. Hand-dipped, hand poured, cooked and cut by hand, and handled with love and care. Candy made by people not Robots.

Are you looking for a Liddabit treat but don't see it on our website? Email Jen@JoMartChocolates.com and maybe she'll make it for you!!