Valentine's Treasure Boxes

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We have 2 different versions of this beautiful Valentine's Gift Box - a different option than your usual heart box. A combination of JoMart Chocolates and Liddabit Sweets, we think you and your valentine will love these options.

If you would like a custom order*, email us and we will work with you,

*prices may vary in custom packages


The Romance Package - Small 2 Layer Gold Box with 4-piece Trays

4 Raspberry Ganache** (made with our homemade Raspberry Jelly)

4 Prosecco Truffles**


Mega Valentine’s Bundle - Large 4 Layer Gold Box 4-piece Trays

Layer 1: Chocolate covered Cherries, Raspberry Ganache, Prosecco Truffles** (3 of each)

Layer 2: Hazelnut Truffles, Vanilla Marshmallows, Chocolate Doom (3 of each)

Layer 3: Sea Salt Caramels (approx 1/2 pound)

Layer 4: Chocolate-dipped pretzels sprinkled with Valentine’s Nonpareils 


**Please note the truffles in the boxes may look different than the photos (different shapes, etc).


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