About Us

My father Martin started JoMart on April 15, 1946. Six well-known confectionery shops surrounded his first location in Brooklyn. In addition to sweet shops, there was an abundance of appetizing stores selling nuts, fruits and candies. The presence of so much competition should have sent him to another location. In fact that was the reason he and his cousin Joe picked that location. It was a simple, brilliant plan. People from all over New York would come to Franklin Ave to buy chocolates and other confections. He would make it fresher and better than all of them. Sixty years have passed and those other shops are long gone, but our mission hasn’t changed. I am using the same stove and copper kettles to make fresh chocolates and confections. 

I asked my father why he went into the candy business. Since my grandfather was also a candymaker, I thought I knew the answer. I was wrong, After World War II the memories of so much pain and suffering were fresh in everyone’s mind. My father wanted to be in a business that catered to celebrating the good things in life.

The world may have changed immeasurably since 1946, but birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays are still shared by families and friends the world over. There are families that have shopped at JoMart for 3 or more generations. Our chocolate continues to be enjoyed at their special occasions.

Although some might disagree with me, chocolate is usually eaten at the end of a party. The last taste is the one you remember most. We have been entrusted to provide the last taste at countless parties and celebrations. We will never take that responsibility for granted. Regardless of the day’s events, it can only improve if ended with a small piece of delicious chocolate.

Confectionately yours,
Michael Rogak
Son of a son of a candymaker

The key to world peace is chocolate. Think about it.