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We have been having so much fun experimenting, painting, creating, sharing and tasting these assorted bonbons. We make each center by hand, hand paint the molds, and fill the chocolate domes with ganache or marshmallow. 

Current varieties include:

Vanilla Marshmallow (available in milk or dark chocolate, painted with multi colored cocoa butter)

Raspberry Jelly Ganache (available in milk or dark chocolate, painted with red cocoa butter)

Prosecco Ganache (available in dark chocolate only, painted with gold)

Cabernet Sauvignon (available in dark chocolate only, painted with purple cocoa butter)

Beer Truffle (available in dark chocolate only)

Mojo Bourbon Ganache (available in dark chocolate only)

Colors and designs may vary in orders of Bonbons. Each batch is made and decorated by hand and is subject to creative bursts of energy. The painting and decorations do not change the taste or flavors.  

Bonbons are available as a:

4 piece gift box - $10.00

5 piece slider gift box - $12.50

8 piece slider gift box - $20.00

9 piece gift box - $22.50

Individual pieces - 10 piece minimum - $2.00 each (price in cart reflects 10 piece minimum).


Allergens: All bonbons contain dairy and soy. Beer and Mojo contain gluten 


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