Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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My dad started chocolate covering pretzels in the early 60's.  As a young chocolate snob, I always looked at them as a passing fad. I guess I was wrong. 

It sounds simple enough, take a pretzel, dunk it in chocolate, eat it. Taste one and you'll understand the complexity.  The crunch, the chocolate and most importantly-the salt.  

Double Dipped:
As the name implies, we fully chocolate cover each pretzel twice. Double the chocolate, double the fun.

Drizzled: Who says pretzels can't get dressed up? After each one is double dipped, we drizzle 2 contrasting series of chocolate stripes(milk pretzel-dark and white stripes,etc)

Nonpareil: Chocolate covered pretzels topped with multi-colored nonpareil seeds

Rainbow Sprinkles: You like sprinkles better than nonpareils-we've got you covered.

Chocolate Sprinkles: Pure chocolate sprinkles finish these very nicely.

Cookies 'n' Cream: Pretzels, chocolate and chopped Oreos-supply your own glass of milk.

Toasted Coconut: The coconut supplies a buttery finish.

M&M's: Dark chocolate mini m&ms, pretzels and chocolate- No description necessary.

Sea Salt: Why do people love pretzels, for some it is the crunch, for others the flavor, but for many it is the salt. We dress these pretzels with a bit of coarse sea salt- sweet and savory indeed.

Chipotle + Sea Salt: Just in case wonderful chocolate, crunchy pretzels and salt is not enough, we added the smokiness that chipotle peppers are known for + a bit of coarse sea salt. Vive el jalapeno.

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