Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Bomb

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It's Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Bomb season!

A semi solid chocolate sphere - half full of pure cacao powder and a huge square of our homemade vanilla marshmallow. Sealed with chocolate, drizzled with more chocolate and decorated for all our winter holidays!

Current options:

Milk Chocolate Snowflake: Milk Chocolate Bomb decorated with a white chocolate snowflake, drizzled with more white chocolate

Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate Bomb decorated with a dark chocolate snowflake (non-dairy)

White Chocolate Peppermint: White Chocolate Bomb drizzled with white chocolate and crushed candy canes (aka Jaslin and Marissa's favorite)


**Please note, each bomb is made and decorated by hand. The drizzle or decoration may change based on bursts of creativity. If you want something specific, leave a note in the comment section of your order. The final product MAY NOT look exactly like the photos on the website. If you have specific allergies, dietary restrictions or preferences, please reach out and make sure we make it to perfection!


Marshmallow Bombs are sold individually, with a JoMart mug or in a 4-piece gift box.


To serve: Pour 1 cup of boiling milk (dairy or non dairy milk) in a mug. Place the Chocolate Bomb directly on top of the milk and watch the magic! 

It will slowly start to melt the chocolate and both the marshmallow and cocoa mix will pop up. With a spoon, stir everything up and enjoy.


*some cocoa mix may escape from the chocolate ball in transit - this will not affect your hot chocolate marshmallow bomb experience*

Approximate measurements: 3 5/8" x 1 1/8"

Weight will vary by amount of cacao powder and marshmallow



Milk and White Chocolate contains dairy and soy

Dark Chocolate contains soy

Marshmallow contains kosher gelatin (type b)